QJ Motor V-Twin hints at small capacity Harley-Davidson

QJ Motor has released images on social media showing a new cruiser that could become a Harley-Davidson in certain markets

QJ Harley-Davidson

QJ MOTOR is adding another string to its already sizeable bow in the form of a new V-twin cruiser. It’s already an exciting enough announcement, for a company that builds everything from mopeds to sports bikes, although there may be more to this bike than meets the eye…

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QJ Motor is currently signed up to be Harley-Davidson’s production and development partner for the Asian market. The two firms have a contract to release a range of cost-effective (not something Harley typically does very well) small and mid-capacity bikes in the coming years. It doesn’t take much imagination to envisage some H-D badges adorning the fuel tank of this thing, with some ‘Sportster 300’ decals in the air-filter for good measure!

Badge engineering aside, the bike is reported to be around 350cc and while no official data has been released, we’d hazard a guess of between 30 and 35bhp. The bike shown in the concept is a liquid-cooled model meaning getting around the latest set of Euro regs shouldn’t be an issue for the machine.

Oily bits aside, QJ could’ve literally taken a piece of tracing paper to a picture of a late model Sportster for the styling of the bike. It’s got a nailed-on Harley-Davidson silhouette to it. The tear-drop tank, low-set bars, and single seat that melts into the rear mudguard (or fender, as it’s known across the pond) are all taken from the Ladybird Book of Milwaukee motorcycle design.

Would you like to see Harley-Davidson building this more traditional mid-capacity bike, or did the more modern looking naked style excite you more?