The Yamaha F155 concept is a scooter we can get behind

Designed for the Asian market, the Yamaha  F155 concept is like the lovechild of the Yamaha R15 and a step-thru scooter!

SCOOTERS and sexy, not really two words that often share the same page let alone a sentence. Until today that is as Yamaha has pulled the covers of a rather interesting concept in the form of the F155 concept.

Revealed at the launch of the sporty(ish) Exciter 155, the F155 is a sleek looking sports scoot, with masses of aggressive touches and design inspiration from some very important bikes.

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First off, the oily bits. It’s powered by the same 155cc engine from the Yamaha R15. That means VVA is equipped and the bike produces around 20bhp. Another nice touch with the concept, it has gears! No more lazy acceleration provided by a soulless CVT for this bike. The front suspension is proper USD forks, while the rear is blessed with a banana-shaped swing arm and a mono-shock mounted directly to the frame.

The concept is a single-seat design with a tail unit that looks to be lifted directly from the R1 sports bike. And the familiarity doesn’t stop there either. At the front of the funky-looking scooter, there is the latest generation Tracer 900-a-like LED headlights, and crowning the front end is a cold air intake lifted straight from the MotoGP YZR-M1.

As mentioned above, this bike is being revealed as a concept, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see the likes of it on the road one day. Yamaha pulled the covers off it at the launch of it’s Asian-market Exciter 155. It was also confirmed that this bike – the F155 concept – is the design direction that the Exciter 155 will adopt in years to come.

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