QJ Motor SRK 600 RR brings back the screaming 600

The QJ Motor SRK 600 RR is a four-cylinder, 600cc sports bike from the prominent Chinese manufacturer, although whether it will come to Europe is unclear.

QJ Motor SRK 600 RR. - QJ Motor/Facebook

QJ Motor has unveiled its newest sports model, the QJ Moto SRK 600 RR, with a 600cc four-cylinder engine.

It is therefore a reminder of the past here in Europe, as emissions regulations and changes in market demand have meant that 600cc four-cylinders have become almost absent here.

That would make it almost a novelty in the European market, although, with 81hp, the bike would face particularly stiff competition from Kawasaki’s newly announced four-cylinder screamer, the ZX-4R. And, with the SRK 600 RR weighing in at 225kg, the odds are probably in the favour of the bike from Akashi.

Either way, those 81 horses are paired with 51Nm, and all of that is controlled via an IMU which is new to QJ, and helps to operate a new Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system.

The MSC includes ABS, which assists in operation of two 320mm front discs and a single 260mm rear disc.

The suspension comes from KYB, with a USD front fork and single rear shock, the fuel tank holds 16.4 litres of fuel, the seat height is 800mm, and the lighting is done via LEDs.

The QJ Motor SRK 600 RR is therefore not pulling up any trees, but at the same time it is entering new ground with this bike, and ground which has been very much covered by the major brands - particularly those from Japan - in the past 25 years.

That said, its relative novelty among its compatriot brands means the SRK 600 RR has potential to do well in QJ Motor’s home market.

Image credit: QJ Motor/Facebook

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