New Honda Forza 750 set to land this Autumn

Honda is all set to release an updated version of its extraordinarily successful Forza scooter this October

Honda Forza 750

HONDA is about to announce a new Forza this October, with the teaser video pointing towards a possible large capacity sports scooter.

The teaser video, released this month, shows us some teasing close up shots of what looks like the engine casings and frame elements of the bike, all back by the now-obligatory sub-bass soundtrack!

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The most interesting part of the video though is the test that runs at the end of the clip, it reads: “Forza – The Forza family is getting bigger”. Accompanying the video’s title is a date, 14.10.2020, we’re assuming that is the date the new machine will be unveiled in full.

Honda Forza 750 teaser video

While the text at the end of the video could be taken in one of two ways, either they are adding more small capacity bikes to the range, or, they are about to announce an all-new large capacity scooter on the world.

We’re going to place out money on a new large capacity machine, and there are a few clues in the video that back this theory up.

First off, the clip shows the engine casings of the bike which looks remarkably similar to those found on the NC750-powered machines like the Integra and X-ADV motorcycles.  Honda is well known for pushing the boundaries in the area, blurring the lines between motorcycle and scooter, and mixing in another genre for good measure.

With this in mind we can start to piece together how the new machine could look. First off, the Forza range is a sporty, modern line-up, with modern styling and a premium feel to the bikes. And given that the powerplant seems to be lifted from the X-ADV, it’ll come DCT equipped from the off. If indeed this is a new Forza 750, it’s a given that the styling of the current range will influence the styling of the new machine. Expect sporty lines, aggressive details and a full-size maxi-scooter profile the like we haven’t seen from Big Red since the Silverwing.