WATCH: Honda Forza 750 revealed in more detail in 2nd teaser video

Honda has released the clearest images yet of the Forza 750 super scooter in a new video            

Honda Forza 750 teaser picture

HONDA has just given us the clearest indication yet of how its recently teased super scooter will look in this just-released teaser video.

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We first reported on the existence of the new Forza 750 last month, after Honda released a typically taunting teaser video. All that we got from that video was that the machine seemed to be using the same engine as the Integra scooter and NC750 and X-ADV adventure scooter.

Now though we can see the machine in what looks like its almost finished form, and it’s a handsome looking thing. The bike is set to get a full reveal on the 14th of October, meaning we won’t have to wait long to see it in all its high definition glory.

From what we can see so far though the bike is a sharp-edged and modern-looking machine, perfectly in keeping with the sporty DNA of the rest Forza range. Styling aside, the new bike should also be one of the best equipped of the big scoots on the road. We’re hearing that the machine will be equipped with keyless ignition, LED lights all around, a TFT dash, switchable riding modes, and throttle maps. Within those settings, the rider should also be able to alter parameters such as HSTC (traction control), engine power, and engine braking.

Honda Forza 750 teaser video

As the oily bits of the bike are to be shared across the NC750, Integra, and X-ADV, the bike will be DCT equipped, most likely with no option for a manual box. Expect generous under-seat storage, excellent economy, and performance above that of the current crop of maxi-scooters.