New version of FJR1300

Tourer will be available from next month with electronically adjustable suspension and conventional gears

YAMAHA has announced a new version of the FJR1300 tourer with electronically adjustable suspension and conventional gears.

Previously the electronically adjustable suspension system has featured on the FJR1300AS, which also has semi-automatic, clutch-less gears.

The new FJR1300AE makes the system available to riders who prefer a traditional transmission. Yamaha say it sits between the FJR13000AS and FJR1300A.

The FJR1300AE also gets upside-down forks.

It goes on sale next month at £14,499.

Yamaha said: “By simply selecting an option via the easily located handlebar-mounted switch, the rider can select ‘One-Up’, ‘One-Up with Luggage’, ‘Two-Up’ or ‘Two-Up with Luggage’ suspension settings. The choice is then confirmed by a clear indication on the instrument panel. In addition to these four main settings, the system also offers the rider a choice of ‘Soft’, ‘Standard’ or ‘Hard’ damping for each setting, giving a total of 12 pre-defined suspension set-up options...

"In order to fit the electronically-adjustable suspension to the bike, the FJR1300AE has new upside-down forks, updating not only the bike’s look but also its performance. The new forks contain independent damper mechanisms, splitting the compression and damping adjustment between fork legs. The compression damping mechanism is located within the left fork while the rebound damping is housed in the right fork – a system that is currently used on the Yamaha YZF-R1 as well as the Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP bike."