New Triumph Rocket III

Two new variations of Triumph's beast, with a bit more bite than before

TRIUMPH have announced 2013 versions of their Rocket III in Roadster and Touring variations.

Both variations have undergone a fairly comprehensive overhaul. Most notably, previous incarnations were electronically restricted in the first three gears in order to prevent 'rider intimidation'. No more in the case of the Roadster. 

Thanks to new fuel-injection mapping and ECU, the Rocket III's 2.3-litre three-cylinder engine is now totally unrestricted across the rev range - the engine is capable of a pretty tasty 146bhp and 163 lb-ft of torque. 

The Roadster has shed some chrome, and has been painted matt black for a more 'aggressive' look. The 2013 revisions include ABS as standard and a more upright seating position. The Roadster is also now available in new colours – metallic black with twin red centre stripes, and matt black with twin white centre stripes.

The 2013 Touring edition shares an engine with the Roadster, but has a slight torque reduction as compared to the Roadster, allowing 'just' 203Nm (still less restricted than the previous version). In keeping with the touring function, the new bike features chrome engine dresser bars, sissy bar with backrest for a rear seat passenger, gel passenger seat and dual density layered foam rider's seat. 36-litre panniers are standard. Clearly this is all geared towards making the powerful Rocket III a bit more comfortable over distance. The Touring version is also available in new colours – black and red with single coach line, and black with twin gold coach lines.

The Triumph Rocket III 2013 will be avaliable in UK dealerships from March and will be priced at £12,899 for the Roadster and £13,899 for the Touring.