New Swedish scooter from Stilride will be made using origami

The new Swedish brand’s scooter will make use of Japanese origami technology.

Stilride SUS1.

Swedish start-up manufacturer, Stilride, have revealed their SUS1 scooter which will reportedly make use of Japanese origami techniques in its design. 

The scooter will be powered by a 15 horsepower (11kW) electric motor, with a 6kWh lithium-ion battery, which will be able to recover energy when braking. Stilride’s official specs sheet for the SUS1 does not specify a dry weight for the scooter, but it does quote 100kph (62mph) as its top speed, and a 120km range.

SUS1 will also come with 130/70, 13-inch wheels, upside down front forks, an adjustable rear damper and adjustable riding modes (although these are not yet specified).

According to Stilride, ‘SUS’ stands for ‘Sports Utility Scooter’, and if we’re honest a 100kph scooter is rather sporty, and 15 horsepower is what you can expect from a 125cc motorcycle from Suzuki, for example. There should certainly be enough there to help you in your cross-city travels.

SUS1’s design is aimed at sustainability, which is why the origami techniques are used. They allow for reduced labour costs. Using robots, which they call “robotic artisans”, Stilride are able to use their Stilfold technology to fold steel into whichever shape they desire.

According to Stilride, the Stilfold technology and origami-inspired techniques allow for a 40% reduction in weight, 70% fewer components, 20% lower material costs and 25% lower labour costs. They also claim that greater chassis strength can be found using Stilfold, as well as increased recyclability. 

Details relating to the price or release of the SUS1 are not yet available.