New Kawasaki Versys 1000 for 2019

Minor update due for Kawasaki’s big adventure tourer

New Kawasaki Versys 1000 for 2019

WE UNDERSTAND Kawasaki will be revamping its Versys 1000 for 2019 although the essential elements of the bike aren’t going to change significantly.

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That means it’s still going to use the existing machine’s 1,043cc four-cylinder engine, and power will remain unaltered at 120PS (118hp). Any changes to the engine will focus on reducing emissions rather than increasing performance, with documents from America’s California Air Resources Board showing that the 2019 version has half the hydrocarbon and NOx output of the 2018-spec bike.

Weight is also going to rise by a fraction, but only by around five to seven kilogrammes according to our sources.

Whether Kawasaki opts to change the bike’s styling or suspension remains unknown at the moment, but given current trends don’t be surprised if the 2019 machine gains a suite of new electronic options.