New Husqvarna 449 and 511 for 2011

The fruits of Husqvarna's work under new owners BMW are revealed in Cologne

BMW'S OWNERSHIP of Husqvarna is starting to produce results with two new models from the off-road specialists for 2011.

Both the 449 and 511 use BMW's G 450X engine, complete with its non-conventional Coaxel Traction System, but Husky has moved the petrol tank to the centre of the bike with the fuel filler located at the back of the seat. According to the off-road chaps this helps weight distribution as well as giving the rider more freedom to move around the bike. Also altered is the axel that powers the drive sprocket, again according to Husky they have re-designed it so it is in two parts that link together rather than a single shaft as they found it could get bent in an accident which made removing the engine a nightmare.

The 449 has a claimed power of 40bhp thanks to a 449cc engine while 511 is actually 478cc, confusingly. Husky are still finalizing the 511 and it is expected to be unveiled at the Milan show.