New BMW R1250 GS promo video leaks

Belgian bike website posts video of variable valve R1250 GS on YouTube

WE'VE KNOWN an R1250 GS is on the way for a while now (it's being launched this week apparently...) So while it's no surprise to see this video, from Belgian web aces Maxxmoto, it's still really interesting.

The new bike features an all-new variable valve setup, which uses a sliding intake shaft in the cam drive, with a shift system not unlike a gearbox, with a slotted shift drum that moves different cam profiles into and out of operation. It allows BMW to have lower valve lift and duration for low-rev performance, then switch to more aggressive cam profiles at high revs for improved power production.

The new ShiftCam system is only on the inlet shaft, but is good enough to raise peak power to 136bhp - nice.

Expect more on the new 1250 tonight...