NeuWai release world’s ugliest electric bike

Chinese manufacturer NeuWai has announced the MF104 and MT104 electric motorcycles, and now we wish we hadn’t looked.

NeuWai release world’s ugliest electric bike

Chinese electric car and motorcycle manufacturer NeuWai has announced it is to build a range of electric cruiser motorcycles starting with the sportster styled MF104 and the touring MT104.

Electric motorcycle styling normally comes from one of two trains of thought. Makers can either go as futuristic as they can because it’s electric, or there is the more sensible option of building a bike along the lines of a petrol engine (ICE) motorcycle, like Energica’s Eva.

It doesn’t take long to figure out which side of the fence NeuWai are sitting as they have unveiled two of the most, errrr, interesting motorcycles we’ve seen since Harley-Davidson announced the Pan America! Come to think about it, they actually look quite similar!

Powering both bikes is 19kWh battery, with a 25kW motor in the MF104 and 20kW motor in the MT104. NeuWai estimates the range for the machine to be around the 80-mile mark and the MF104 to top out at 124mph, while the MT104 to hit V-max at about 93mph.

While the machines in the pictures look like pre-production models, Electrek claims that the company, which is owned by Chinese manufacturing giant Sunguo Motors, should be ready to ship orders of the bikes as early as next year.

One eye-opening stat that the company claim on the spec-sheet is that both bikes make a mind-blowing 700Nm of torque, that equates to 516ft-lb of torque, and of course as it’s electric, it’s always available from zero rpm. That’s the same sort of figures you’d expect from a supercar, not a plasticky looking cruiser from a Chinese scooter manufacturer! One thing is for sure, with that much torque on tap, if it really does equate to that, it’ll need some pretty sophisticated control systems and anti-wheelie set-up to keep the thing pointing at the horizon and not the sky!

For more information on the two bikes, click here.

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