MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro might be the best solution to urban mobility yet

The MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro e-scooter has just made MV ownership affordable... and brings that unique dash Italian exotica to the urban jungle

MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro

As one of Italy’s foremost motorcycle marques, MV Agusta always comes to EICMA with something big to reveal… but the MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro might be the smallest big ‘model’ it has ever unveiled.

This is the Varese marque’s newest two-wheel offering, an e-scooter that is as simple in its intended brief as it is opulent befitting the hallowed MV Agusta badge.

Reflecting the exponential growth of the e-scooter market, while this doesn’t mean Visordown will be expanding into e-scooter group tests (well, not yet anyway…), the Rapido Serie Oro is the kind of urban mobility solution we can see ourselves throwing a leg over. By ‘throw’ we mean lift a foot up a few inches and step on.

Appearing like a (very) stripped down version of the Superveloce 800 - albeit in the loosest of terms - the Rapido Serie Oro is elaborately turned out for an e-scooter, with its porthole circular front headlight, wing-like creases and heel rest that appears like a tiny sportsbike seat.

It’s certainly lithe and compact - obviously - but with a signature red, gold (oro) and black finish, it will cut a dash as you dash through the streets of Rome, Milan or Norwich, if you’re so inclined. We're also digging the attention to detail with the tiny TFT dash...

Under the skin (!) is a 48V 500Wh battery capable of up to 50km range and a top speed of 38km/h, while bluetooth capability encourages you to use MV’s app that will unlock, record your journeys and give you peace of mind should the most desirable e-scooter going falls into the hands of someone rather more undesirable.

\At £600 (or £50 a month) you really won’t find a cheaper route into owning an MV Agusta - unless you’re willing to take the risk on a used one that may have seen better days - while it might make a funky gift for a relative in your life. That is if you can stomach the prospect of gifting an MV Agusta rather than owning one yourself.