MUTT Unveil the new DRK-01 125 and 250cc water-cooled naked motorcycle

The first new bikes in the Mutt DRK range arrive in water-cooled 125 and 250cc forms

Mutt DRK-01

MUTT Motorcycles was established in the small capacity market although it is now branching out with the new DRK series. The DRK-01 is the first bike to be released into the range and comes in 125cc form and 250cc form.

Those who are familiar with Mutt Motorcycles' will know of their approach of building premium small cc retro-styled machines with a modern feel. The new DRK-01 takes this in a whole new direction for Mutt. A super solid and powerful profile is paired with lines combining heavy metal and retrofuture-inspired lines, all finished off in Mutt’s trademark dark-as-night matt black colouring.

Both of the DRK-01’s come with liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engines. However, obviously, both of the different forms of the DRK-01 come with different specifications when it comes to speed.

The 125cc DRK-01 produces a maximum amount of power of 13bhp at 9500rpm and a maximum torque of 7.7lb-ft at 7500rpm. The 125cc version of the bike weighs in at 147kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 16.5 litres. The 125cc DRK-01 does not come with an ABS system and is fitted with a twin-piston single-caliper braking system.

The 250cc DRK-01 produces a maximum amount of power of 25bhp at 9200rpm and a maximum amount of torque of 16lb-ft at 7300rpm. The 250cc version of the Mutt DRK-01 weighs 155kg and also has a 16.5-litre fuel tank capacity. The 250cc version of the DRK-01 does arrive equipped with 2-channel ABS as standard.

As well as the DRK-01s engine there are also new components that have been fitted to the bike. There is a new CNC machined LED headlights up front on the inverted forks. With some new unique custom spoked wheels with stopping power from the twin pot calipers and the custom-made disks for the DRK-01.

The Mutt DRK-01 will be available worldwide in 125cc and 250cc form from spring in 2023. More information can be found on the official Mutt Motorcycles website.

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