QJ Motor reveals new SKR400 entry-level naked bike

Chinese brand QJ Motor have released their new entry level naked bike onto the market to try and challenge the more established manufacturers.

QJ Motor SRK400. - QJ Motor

QJ Motor has launched its newest entry-level machine, the SRK400 naked, which will be arriving from the brand's native China to the European market.

QJ Motor's newest entry level naked motorcycle comes in with a 400cc parallel twin-cylinder engine. The SRK400 produces 41.5 horsepower at 9,000rpm and a max torque level of 37Nm at 7000rpm. The amount of power it produces places the SRK400 in the average level for the entry-level naked bikes. The engine is also liquid cooled, and fuel injected.

QJ Motor claim that the SRK400 has “everything to please” when it comes to its design and equipment. The SRK400 does feature ABS braking on both the rear and front brakes and also features a two in one racing exhaust.

The SRK400 however does have some downsides to it. The bike weighs a reported 176kg, which is quite a bit heavier than its rival machines in the market. The SRK400 is also longer and taller than its competition. With the added weight and increased size of the machine the bike may be more lackluster when it comes to handling and acceleration when compared to other brands.

One of the standout parts of the entry level naked bikes in Europe is that they are affordably priced and deliver decent performance. The QJ Motor SKR400 does deliver on the decent performance part, and it also delivers on the affordable price. The SRK400 is up for sale at 5,790 euros, which is the equivalent of £4,994.56. The price level of the SRK400 would see consumers saving money if purchasing the QJ Motor model instead of their main rivals in the European market.

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