Move over Mantra: Enter the DB12

Is this the ugliest Bimota since the dreadful Mantra, or indeed, ever?

WE'RE not sure what's in the water at Bimota, but their chemical factory-tycoon owner, might have something to do with it. This is their new DB12 B-Tourist designed by sak_art design which is Bimota's take on a Ducati Multistrada.

It shares the same chassis and engine as the DB9 (a Ducati 1198 lump), producing 160bhp and 95ftlb of torque - a monster. It sports a pillion seat which is rare for a Bimota.

It's certainly different and some would say that's Bimota at their best.

You can bet it goes well and it'll perfectly meet the needs of those wanting a faster, probably less fuel efficient, more track capable, more expensive Multistrada. So that'll be 7 happy owners, then.