Incoming: Special 90th anniversary BMW

Just don't mention the R1200C

MANUFACTURERS love an excuse for a celebration and BMW are no different, announcing they're to mark 90 years of BMW Motorcycles with an all-new model.

The outline image that accompanied BMW's announcement (below) doesn't look too far off the image above of a concept BMW Cafe Racer motorcycle, which BMW released last year.

BMW said of the new bike: "The new, distinctive motorcycle to come out next year will express the genes of 90 years of BMW Motorrad combined with emotional styling and innovative technology to create a new, multifaceted vehicle concept."

We'd love it to look like the concept above but like with all concepts, the reality is often a let down (remember the B-King?).

Will the new bike be close to this concept? Check out the outline image of the bike in the poster below and make your own mind up.