Moto Guzzi Strada heading for production?

Trademark application could mean Terblanche-styled concept is becoming a reality

Moto Guzzi Strada heading for production?

WHEN Moto Guzzi revealed its three “V12” concept bikes – the Le Mans, Strada and X – in 2009 there was much talk that these were the new generation of Guzzis and that the bikes were destined for production.

More than two years on, that hasn't happened, but now there's a hint that one of the concepts, the least controversial “Strada” model, could be getting closer to reality. The latest hint comes from the fact that Guzzi's parent company, Piaggio, has applied for a trademark on the name “Moto Guzzi Strada”.

It wouldn't be the first time that a Guzzi has gone under the Strada tag, which translates simple as 'street' – the firm has offered Strada machines several times in the past.

As such, the trademark doesn't necessarily guarantee that the V12 Strada is set for production; the name could just as easily be applied to a variation of one of the firm's existing models.

At the moment it seems certain that any planned new Moto Guzzi is likely to be built around the forthcoming 1400cc water-cooled V-twin that has so far been seen only in a prototype for the next-generation California cruiser. This engine has been on Piaggio's to-do list for years – its intention to make such a motor was first revealed in an investment document around five years ago and it represents the first attempt to create a truly modern Moto Guzzi engine.

Like the forthcoming water-cooled BMW boxer engine, due to debut later this year in the R1200GS replacement, the Guzzi engine is a careful balancing act between the classic appearance and character of the firm's existing V-twins and the need to create a powerful, clean motor that can be developed for several years to come without falling foul of tightening emissions laws.

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