More new bikes from Honda in Tokyo

A run-down of Honda motorcycle debuts in Japan today

More new bikes from Honda in Tokyo

THE Tokyo Motor Show is where Japanese manufacturers like to showcase their latest technology and concepts, a tradition Honda has kept up at the 2017 event today.   

The firm’s most important reveal for the European market is probably the new Honda Goldwing for 2018, which we told you about earlier this morning.

Or is it? Among the other debuts are one or two concepts that look perfectly eligible for the UK market. Take the Super Cub C125 and Monkey 125, both of which appear have the potential to be hugely important additions to the firm’s range here.

Here’s a summary of Honda bikes and scooters to make their show debut this morning:     

Neo Sport Café Concept (main image)

Honda gave us a glimpse of this in a teaser video earlier this month, but this is our first proper look at it. Details are still scant but rumours from Japan suggest a possible replacement for the outgoing CB1000R.

Honda said: ‘Honda exhibited the world premiere of the Neo Sports Café Concept, which is a concept model for a naked sport model that combines the fun and beauty of a sport bike with a new-generation motorcycle package.’

Super Cub C125

This seems the most eligible for the UK market of three new Super Cub models, thanks to its 125cc capacity.

Honda said: ‘The Super Cub 125C inherited and evolved the attractive design and functionality as a personal commuter from the first-generation Super Cub (C100). This new 125 cc model features the latest equipment such as a smart key and electric seat opener and yet realizes ample power for a comfortable riding experience.’

Monkey 125

We told you Honda had patented what appeared to be a 125cc Honda Monkey last year, and it looks like this is it.

Unveiled as a concept, it takes the classic Honda Monkey shape and gives it modern technology like disc brakes and upside-down forks, not to mention that 125cc engine.

Honda said: ‘A 125cc horizontal, single-cylinder engine was installed to the signature body of the Honda Monkey with a sense of intentional deformation which comes from the short & tall body proportion unique to the Monkey series. Adopting unique features such as LED lights and digital meters, the Monkey 125 explores the new appeal of the Honda Monkey model.’

Super Cub 110

A commemorative model recognising the Super Cub series’ 100 million sales milestone, which we revealed last week.

Honda said: ‘The Super Cub 110 is a special model Honda produced exclusively for the Tokyo Motor Show to commemorate the achievement of the 100 million-unit global production milestone this year and the 60th anniversary next year for the Super Cub series.’

Cross Cub 110 (main image)

Basically the Super Cub 110 gone all SUV.

Honda said: ‘Featuring a crossover style which will look good for both urban area riding and outdoor activities, the Cross Cub 110 proposes a new value of Honda Cub motorcycles. As a model oriented toward recreational use, the “tough” image is being emphasized with the adoption of a leg shield and wider tires.’

Honda Riding Assist-e

We told you about this one a couple of weeks back too. It’s like the self-balancing NC750-based concept reveal by Honda earlier this year, but electric.

Honda said: ‘The Honda Riding Assist-e is an experimental motorcycle model Honda developed by applying proprietary balance control technologies Honda amassed through its research in the field of robotics. Honda’s aim for this model is to offer motorcycle riders greater peace of mind and make life with motorcycles more fun for people by mitigating the risk of a fall.’

PCX Electric

Honda’s PCX125 is a giant in sales terms, so what better candidate for an electric version?

Honda said: ‘The PCX Electric is an electric scooter equipped with a high-output motor developed independently by Honda as well as the Honda Mobile Power Pack, a detachable mobile battery pack. Honda PCX Electric is scheduled to go on sale in 2018 in the Asia region including Japan.’

PCX Hybrid

Not ready to go full-electric yet? Honda has thought of that too.

The firm said: ‘Honda newly-developed an original hybrid system designed for motorcycles. This compact hybrid system employs a high-output battery and ACG starter to assist the engine and enables PCX Hybrid to realise a “torqueful” riding performance. Honda PCX Hybrid is scheduled to go on sale in 2018 in the Asia region including Japan.’