More on Kawasaki’s futuristic leaning three-wheeler

Now Kawasaki Europe shows teaser video for shape-shifting ‘J Concept’

WHY is Kawasaki suddenly making noise about a futuristic leaning three-wheeler concept first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013?

We can’t say for certain, but what’s clear is that the firm wants to remind riders on both sides of the Atlantic about the J Concept.

Last week we reported how Kawasaki’s US YouTube channel had published a new teaser video for the battery-powered three-wheeler, which alters the riding position by changing its geometry in motion.

Now Kawasaki Europe’s YouTube channel has posted a video of the J Concept too. Oddly, though, instead showing a new teaser, like Kawasaki USA did, the firm’s European channel appears to have simply reposted the one from 2013.

Kawasaki Europe’s description of the video tells us nothing we didn’t already know. It says: ‘Kawasaki revealed the "J" 3-wheel electric concept vehicle at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

‘Kawasaki’s ‘J’ concept machine is an electric three-wheeler that offers a choice of riding positions. ‘Comfort’ mode delivers a more upright riding stance for city work while ‘Sport’ mode alters the ergonomics for aggressive sports riding. The J is powered by a battery cell and has two front wheels with a single rear wheel providing the drive.’

Despite the absence of new information, Kawasaki is clearly trying to tell us something about the J Concept. Otherwise, why publish the videos now? 

Is it that we are going to see a production version? With Yamaha's MT-09-powered Niken three-wheeler set to go on sale this year, we wouldn’t write the prospect off.

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