Mahindra launches £500 motorcycle

...and it boasts incredible fuel economy too

INDIAN motorcycle manufacturer, Mahindra, have launched a £500 motorcycle.

The 'Centuro' is a 110cc motorcycle, producing 8.5hp and featuring a four-speed gearbox. It has an analogue rev-counter, digital speedo and idiot lights and anti-theft immobiliser as standard. The Centuro also features crash bars and the lights will flash when you press the ignition key to help you find your bike among the 100s of others in the parking lot (a problem us UK bikers will never have!).

It has a top speed of 60mph. It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

"The product is the result of confluence of customers' feedback, out of box thinking and meticulous engineering," Mahindra said at the launching ceremony.

Perhaps more surprising than its price is its fuel economy: Mahindra claim over 85km per litre, which equates to over 200mpg from their revised MCI-5 engine.