NC750 to replace NC700 in 2014

Extra 50cc for NC700 in 2014

HONDA are expected to update the NC700 with an extra 50cc, pushing it out of the A2 category.

A larger capacity NC seems like an odd move on the face of it, as new riders won't be able to ride one, but Honda does have its reasons for the move. According to our well-trusted source, the NC700 sits as a slightly awkward sibling to Honda's new 'perfect for A2' range of 500s, making the sell of their 500 range not as simple as they'd hoped.

However the NC700 is actually 670cc, not 700cc, so the addition of 50cc would only make the bike 720cc. As to whether Honda will rename it NC750 or stick to NC700 is as yet unknown.

Honda's NC700 is selling well but the majority of buyers aren't A2 licence holders and are more likely to be seasoned riders, so the addition of 50cc for a bit more performance could be just what the 'likely' NC700 owner is after.

Those who were sat on the fence when it came to the CB500F and NC700S will have a clearer distinction between the two.

Expect to see the new NC750S and NC750X unveiled at the Intermot show in the last quarter of 2013.