Longjia design shows 650cc V-twin cruiser motorcycle

Chinese company Longjia is in the process of bringing a 650cc cruiser type motorcycle to market – and it’s refreshingly original

Longjia 650cc cruiser
Longjia 650cc cruiser

CHINESE motorcycle firms get their fair share of confused looks from western bikers. Be it their sometimes questionable build quality, or that the designers have a seeming inability to think up an original motorcycle design – I just don’t think we ‘get’ Chinese bikes quite yet.

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And that point around originality is what made me take a second glance at the newly announced Longjia 650cc V-twin cruiser. Sure enough, it’s a motorcycle that clearly has influences from current motorcycles on the market – but it’s not a direct copy of another model either.

The bike does bear a striking resemblance to the Bullit V-Bob 250, although, that’s kind of okay, as the two-brands are quite closely related.

What we do have though is a fairly cool-looking cruiser with some retro styling. But most importantly, it looks like a bike in its own right – not a crude copy of a Ducati or Harley.

Longjia 650cc cruiser motorcycle design

Longjia 650cc cruiser
Longjia 650cc cruiser

The headlight does have shades of the Bimota Mantra to it, in that it’s the shape of a mid-70s TV set. And the line flowing from the tank to the tail is reminding us a bit of the Ducati Diavel, but, other than that, it’s all refreshingly original.

Spec-wise we have conventionally mounted 4-pot calipers with ABS, USD forks, twin shocks at the rear, forward controls, and what looks like a laid-back but involved riding position. No official information has been released regarding the machine yet, although it’d seem sensible for Longjia to be aiming it at the A2 (or A2 compatible once restricted) market.

The bike could feasibly make its way to the UK through the Bullit brand further down the line. If it does, and they give it around 60-bhp, a neat TFT, some matt finishes, and a price tag of around £5k, and I’m all ears.

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