LiveWire Del Mar electric flat tracker to get world premiere on 10 May

The LiveWire Del Mar - the first model to come from LiveWire since it was spun-off into a standalone electric brand - will be launched on 10 May

LiveWire Del Mar

The first model to be launched from LiveWire since it was spun-off from Harley-Davidson - the LiveWire Del Mar - will be officially unveiled on 10 May.

The electric motorcycle, which was confirmed towards the end of 2021, will mark a fresh phase for the ambitious American company, which started life with the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric roadster before the decision was taken to establish an entirely separate brand.

Set to be a smaller, more affordable offering than the LiveWire ONE - the renamed Harley-Davidson LiveWire - it is set to be pitched as a flat tracker style motorcycle, as suggested by a teaser video in which a small flash of the Del Mar’s rear-end is seen.

It will also make use of Harley-Davidson’s updated Arrow platform, which has been overhauled in readiness for the Del Mar in order to offer longer range, better performance and quicker charging times.

Dubbed S2, the Arrow platform is modular in that it can be adapted for different size motorcycles, with smaller S3 and S4 models that will be developed alongside Taiwanese company Kymco, in the pipeline too.

While the LiveWire model has struggled for sales in a slowly emerging sector of the motorcycle market - with only 371 being shifted globally in 2021 - Harley-Davidson has high aspirations for the company as a standalone brand.

Hoping to capitalise on being an early adopter of electric ahead of a planned full scale shift over the next 10 to 15 years, Harley-Davidson believes it can achieve 100,000 sales within five years.