Leonart Rigger: New electric motorcycle from Spain

The Leonart Rigger is the first electric motorcycle from the Spanish brand, which goes into direct competition with multiple compatriot marques.

Leonart Rigger

Leonart is a Spanish manufacturer, and it has recently launched its newest electric motorcycle, the Rigger, a neo-retro electric bike.

Battery electrics continue to be the way to go for new, smaller, motorcycle manufacturers, as shown by the Leonart Rigger, which is not the Spanish manufacturer’s first motorcycle, but it is the brand’s most-recent.

Spain has also seen the birth of brands such as OX, and Urbet, which also specialise in electric bikes.

For Leonart’s part, it has taken the neo-retro style, which has become almost synonymous with contemporary electric motorcycles from small manufacturers, and paired it with five-star alloy wheels (18-inch at the front, 17-inch at the back) and a single-sided swingarm which is connected to the steel frame via an adjustable rear shock. 

At the front, suspension is handled by inverted front forks, between which - at the top - sit a single round headlight and a relatively simple digital display.

In terms of performance, the Rigger is producing a maximum output of 4.5kW from its electric motor, which is equivalent to 6 horsepower, with which the Rigger is able to reach a top speed of 102kph (63mph). The battery has a capacity of 4.3kWh, giving a maximum range of 150km (93 miles) at 50kph (31mph). Alternatively, you can go faster for less distance. Leonart says that with 70kph (43mph), the Rigger’s battery will last 100km (62 miles), and with 100kph (62mph), the battery will last for 70km (43 miles).

The Leonart Rigger is currently open for pre-orders, which have a reduced price of €5,499 (£4,831 at time of writing, April 2023), instead of the standard €5,999 (£5,270 at time of writing).

Leonart currently only markets in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, and Japan. Find out more about the Leonart Rigger on the Leonart website.

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