Caofen F80 electric motorcycle set for April UK launch

A new electric motorcycle is on the way to the UK next month in the form of the Caofen F80, which features no welds in the frame and a two-hour charge time.

Caofen F80.

A new dual sport electric motorcycle from Caofen, the F80, which is set to launch in the UK in April. 

Caofen is a manufacturer of electric motorcycles born out of the Chongqing Huanghe Motorcycle Company, and is set to enter the UK market for the first time in April 2023 with the Caofen F80.

The Caofen F80 is a dual sport motorcycle designed for use both on- and off-road, and comes with “patented battery technology that has 8 times thermal balance and only 50% of normal temperature rise, which improves efficiency while maintaining balance,” a Caofen press release reads.

The reduced temperature generated in the battery means charging time is reduced. In two hours, Caofen says the F80’s battery can be fully charged, offering a maximum range of 80 miles.

In terms of performance, the F80 features an 8kW (10.7 horsepower) motor - that can push the F80 to a top speed of 57mph - and a 3.5kWh battery. 

A particularly innovative part of the bike is the frame, which uses a weldless design to decrease weight (the bike weighs 81kg) and increase rigidity. 

The Caofen F80 comes in two versions. First, there is the Caofen F80 Off-Road, which is basically as it says: an off-road only version of the bike which is not homologated for use on public roads. The Off-Road costs £5,495.

Secondly, there is the Caofen F80 Adventure, which is road legal, although maintains off-roading capabilities, and costs £5,940.

Adam Bowen, brand manager for CaofenUK, said: The [Caofen F80] is a true leader in the field and brings fierce competition to the market. With its patented battery technology, it is designed to improve performance and longevity, allowing riders to ride faster, for longer. 

“We have studied the market closely over the past 24 months and have established that the Caofen F80 is the right electric adventure bike for the UK market.”

Visit the Caofen UK website to find out more.

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