The latest Vespa Primavera special edition is the pinnacle of 'niche'

Vespa has launched a new version of its classic Primavera model, with a very particular audience being targeted with the Pic Nic variant.

Vespa Pic Nic in green. - Vespa

Vespa represents a rare cross-section between motorcycles and popular culture. You could say a Vespa is not a motorcycle, and, strictly speaking they are scooters. But, at the same time scooters represent a large portion of the motorcycle industry.

Anyway, instead of getting bogged down in semantics we will get bogged down in niches. Vespa is, despite its place in popular culture, a representation of a niche. It is a throwback to a previous time that, of course, had its positives and negatives, but nonetheless generates considerable nostalgia. 

But, if we are talking about niches, and targeting a very specific audience, perhaps Vespa have outdone themselves with the latest variant of the Primavera: the Pic Nic.

It is exactly what you might expect: a scooter designed for people who enjoy picnics. Vespa says the Primavera Pic Nic is “Created specifically to flee everyday stress and savour moments of joy through socialising outdoors in the most glamorous, carefree way but still accompanied by the light lines, the brilliant performance, and the easy ride of a Vespa.”

To fit the relaxed, outdoor intentions, the Pic Nic is fitted with a rather pretty, woven, wooden picnic basket, which contains a cooler bag and waterproof blanket that features a design that mimics the basket.

“Both the basket and the blanket, enhanced with the Vespa Pic Nic logo, can be conveniently transported on the chromium plated front and rear luggage rack which comes standard on this special edition,” Vespa says. “The basket is enriched by a brown leather belt that also serves as a handle to easily carry the folded blanket.”

The woven look continues on the seat, which features a woven pattern, and is beige with a dark brown stripe. As for the bodywork, it is available in two colour options: Verde Pic Nic; and Grigio Pic Nic.

Vespa says that the Pic Nic will be available in its dealers from the end of July. However, while there will be two models of the Pic Nic - a 125cc version, and an i-get 50 - only one will be available in the UK. The one which we will have over here in the UK will be the 125 version, which will have a price tag of £4,500.

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