Langen Two Stroke breaks cover

Powered by a 250cc, v-twin two-stroke, the Langen Two Stroke is a lightweight naked with race bike DNA

Langen Two Stroke

SINCE its announcement in July this year, the Langen Two Stroke has been an exciting proposition for the UK motorcycle industry. In a world that seems to be ever more focussed on emissions and sanitising the riding experience, this naked two-stroke pocket rocket really was a breath of fresh Castrol R.

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And now it’s ready to be seen in the flesh, as the completed machine will be on display prestigious Salon Privé later this month. The official unveiling will take place at Blenheim Palace from the 23rd – 26th September.

The bike is will be a blast from the past for many bikers, as it’s the first two-stroke naked motorcycle we’ve seen from any manufacturer for quite some time.

The bike is built around a 250cc two-stroke engine (obviously), created in partnership with Vins, the creators of the Duecinquanta. In the British-built Langen, it produces 75hp and 33lb-ft of torque, screaming its way to a 14,500rpm redline.

Engine aside, the Two Stroke is a smorgasbord of delicious design details, with CNC machined parts and carbon fibre aplenty. Top-spec Öhlins is mated to a Ktech piggyback rear shock absorber, while braking is taken care of with some juicy looking HEL billet calipers biting down on 320mm disc.

Crowning the bike is a stunning, all carbon fibre fuel tank and seat unit, finished in 24-carat gold leaf. Because, why not!

The Two Stroke is the brainchild of ex-CCM Chief Design Engineer Christofer Ratcliffe, aka Langen, who started the project in 2019. The aim was to create a new British motorcycle brand, focussing on low-volume, high-value motorcycles for, we’re guessing, discerning clients!

The Langen Two Stroke has a starting price of £28,000, although as is the nature of bikes such as this, the machine can be tweaked to the owner’s desired specification.

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