KYMCO to launch leaning multi-wheel scooter next week

KYMCO looks set to launch a leaning multi-wheel scooter in 2021, with the release of the CV3 looking likely to be confirmed

Kymco CV3

TAIWANESE motorcycle manufacturer KYMCO looks set to join the leaning multi-wheel scooter market in 2021, as the CV3 looks likely to land next year.

The bike will be officially unveiled on November 26th, a day that we also believe we will be seeing their X-ADV rival for the first time too.

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The bike was first revealed at EICMA in 2017, although then it was a mere concept bike. The machine getting revealed next week is a sleek looking maxi scooter that run a similar front end set up as the Yamaha Niken. The front wheels are supported by double fork legs and a parallelogram type structure that’s located in the nose of the bike. Unlike the Niken, the wheels on the KYMCO attach on the inside, with the brake rotors and calipers also mounting in this way.

It’s a similar design to that of the Tricity three-wheeled scooter and is done to try and keep the front track within the parameters for regulatory purposes. In doing this, the bike should pass the regulations around licencing that will allow it to be ridden on a car licence.

Powering the bike is a version of the AK parallel-twin meaning a capacity of 550cc. That’ll mean around 55bhp 40-odd lb-ft of torque and a CVT transmission. The bike should also be capable of outstanding fuel economy, with the AK engine able to return around 60mpg.

KYMCO will be eyeing up the lucrative French, Italian and Spanish market with this one. We Brits’ haven’t really taken to the leaning multi-wheel concept, but across the channel and beyond they are top-sellers.

Visordown will be sure to bring you all the information from the 2021 KYMCO new model launch as it happens.