KTM's new stability control system can be added to 2013 bikes

First cornering ABS system available as a £335 software upgrade to 1190 Adventures

THE stability control system on 2014-spec KTM 1190 Adventures can be added to 2013 models, the firm has said.

The Bosch "MSC" Motorcycle Stability Control system uses ABS and lean angle sensors to prevent low-sides under hard braking in bends. It's billed as the first effective cornering ABS, since conventional ABS cannot do this.

It also alters front and rear braking distribution to reduce the tendency of the bike to stand up and go straight on.

It will be on new 1190 Adventures and Adventure Rs from December and available as a £335 software update to bikes already sold in 2013.

KTM has also announced the price of the new stability control-equipped 1190 Adventure. It will cost £13799, £700 more than the current price. A basic version without stability control or electronic suspension adjustment will be £12,999.