KTM tease us with the promise of two new middleweight Dukes

Apparently, it’s ‘midweight Duke month’, with KTM set to announce two new 890 Duke motorcycles in the next few weeks.

KTM naked motorcycle month - ready for two new Duke bikes?

KTM has teased us all with the announcement of two new middleweight Duke motorcycles that are due to be revealed in the coming weeks. 

In a brief press release with only a single image (as you can see), the Austrian manufacturer revealed their ‘Midweight NAKED’ campaign (capitalisation is theirs).

Whilst the image doesn’t reveal much unless you really squint (though the lid does look top), the real intrigue awaits in the text.

The release reads as follows:

7 February
KTM 890 DUKE R – An even sharper iteration of THE SUPER SCALPEL slices onto the scene.

22 February
KTM 890 DUKE GP – A Grand Prix-inspired entry into DUKEDOM.

‘Orange bleeders can look forward to a refreshed KTM 890 DUKE R, which sees some fresh new colourways, catapulting THE SUPER SCALPEL to the top step of the Midweight segment. A new DUKE offering also enters the fray, with a Grand Prix-inspired KTM 890 DUKE stepping into the ring as a true title contender.

In typical KTM fashion, Midweight NAKED February will be a no-holds-barred event, unleashing the best middleweight nakeds into the market. Keep your RPM high and your clutch at the ready for the full release of the aforementioned models’

The press release ends ‘Keep your visor down, your new ride is about to be unveiled’ and we can certainly agree with that first bit..!

A bit of minor sleuthing reveals potential pricing on the Colwyn Bay KTM site... how accurate it is, we don't know. 

KTM 2022 890 Duke R price and 890 Duke GP price

If it is to be believed, the 2022 KTM 890 Duke R will be priced at £11,049, the 890 Duke GP £10,249, and 890 Duke £10,049.

We’ll await more details, but a Grand Prix inspired model is really interesting - but for now, we’ll cut our teeth on the 'Super Scalpel' 890 Duke R to be revealed next Monday!

And as KTM said themselves, keep your Visordown.

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