KTM 1050 Adventure shown at Eicma

KTM's latest big adventure bike can be A2 friendly

KTM HAS just unveiled its new 1050 Adventure, a V-twin making 95hp.

It joins the 1190, 1190 R and recently unveiled 1290 models in KTM's Adventure range.

If that lineup was starting to look overcrowded, the reason for the latest addition has become clear with its specifications - at 95hp, it's eligible to be restricted for A2 licence holders.

Licence rules say machines can only be restricted to the 48hp A2 limit if they made no more than double that to begin with. At 148hp and 160hp, the 1190 and 1290 models were way out.

The new 1050 Adventure will be offered with an optional restrictor kit, making it the first big KTM adventure bike suitable for novices.

The 1050 Adventure weighs 212kg and comes with ABS, ride-by-wire throttle and traction control.

It's 1050cc engine retains the 'fizzy punch' of its bigger brothers thanks to 'elaborate adaptations' according to KTM.

Suspension is from WP and brakes from Brembo.

The 1050 Adventure was unveiled today at the Eicma motorcycle show in Milan.

KTM's release said:


A bike perfectly calibrated to all who love a dynamic travel enduro, and place importance on reasonable purchase and ownership costs, but who are unwilling to do without a generous measure of power and modern equipment.

Based on the same first-rate technology platform as its sister models, the new KTM 1050 ADVENTURE has a different engine, which may have less displacement and power but has lost neither its refinement nor its fizzy punch thanks to elaborate adaptations. ABS and traction control are standard here as well.

The value conscious, the all-rounders, the gourmets, the connoisseurs, the I-take-my-bike-everywhere riders – for all of them, four great KTM protagonists form a coherent and complete ADVENTURE family and the most attractive model range in the whole travel enduro segment in 2015.


If you are one of those people who think that less can be more with a travel enduro, that touring is mainly about agility, straightforward functionality and absolute predictability, but you still would not want to miss out on the typical KTM virtues and technological progress per se, then the new KTM 1050 ADVENTURE is the bike for you. At 95 hp of power out of 1,050 cc of displacement and at 212 kg of weight, it has an exemplary power-to-weight ratio, as well as a fuel mileage that goes easy on your wallet and also allows for a great range. In addition, the refined V2 engine with a state-of-the-art engine management and ride-by-wire throttle offers everything that a top quality travel enduro needs. And with first-rate WP Suspension components and the unsurpassed brakes by global market leader Brembo, the chassis easily copes with all challenges arising from the wide range of missions the KTM 1050 Adventure is capable of.


Even though the concept of the 1050 is based on a certain restraint and a return back to the original values of the Adventure concept, the entry level bike of KTM's Travel range cannot really be seen as a technologically reduced or sparsely equipped motorbike. For example, the KTM 1050 ADVENTURE would not deserve to be among the MY 2015 Adventure models without KTM Ride Mode technology, ABS and a traction control that allows more or less slippage on the rear wheel depending on the chosen ride mode. Those who think this proposal still does not quite cover all their bases might find the comprehensive KTM range of accessories has what they are looking for to upgrade the KTM 1050 ADVENTURE to their individual specification. From the luggage system to heated seats and grips to an alarm system, the PowerParts program has everything that touring riders might like, no matter if they plan to use their KTM 1050 ADVENTURE for short weekend trips, long holiday journeys or extended adventure travelling.


The scope of the KTM 1050 ADVENTURE spans the complete bandwidth from enjoyable cruising to aggressive corner surfing, from commuting to holiday trips and even excursions into the fascinating world beyond the tarmac. With its unbeatably low weight, its impressive riding dynamics and its exemplary safety, it is a paragon of all the traditional KTM virtues. And since it is such an exceedingly capable touring bike, highly versatile and with razor sharp precision, it does not have to fear a single one of its competitors. Not the least in view of its price, it is a top choice for all purists as well as riders buying their first travel enduro, and thanks to an optional power restriction kit, it is even for beginners with A2 licences.'