Is the Kawasaki Z1000 SX about to receive a supercharger?

A teaser video has just emerged on Kawasaki UK’s Instagram hinting that a Z series motorcycle will be receiving a supercharger


First, the Kawasaki GPZ750 turbo was built all the way back in the ’70s, then the monstrously powerful supercharged Ninja H2 and H2R in 2015, and now another motorcycle in the "Team Green" line-up is being supercharged. But which one?




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As you can tell from the title, it would appear that a Z series motorcycle is next on the list for some sweet forced induction goodness. How do we know? Well, you can see ther teaser video has the distinctive ‘Z’ symbol flashed across the screen before it concludes. 

Which Kawasaki could get the supercharged treatment?

The comments speculating as to which motorcycle Kawasaki is going to modify are already on fire, with some people suggesting a supercharged ZZR1400… possible, but unlikely for commercial reasons. For now, let’s stick to the naked Z series which includes the Z125, Z400, Z650, Z900, Z1000 and Z1000R Performance.

It’s probably safe to assume that the Z125 and Z400 won’t be receiving a supercharger, as they are learner class-specific. That just leaves the rest of the capacities then. In a way, even the A2 legal Z650 could be removed from the equation, leaving the Z900 and Z1000(R).

With the 998cc Supercharged H2, H2R and H2SX, the most likely bike to supercharged would be the Z1000 SX variant - if recent history is anything to go by.  And a naked supercharged Z1000 might just be a bit too much of a hooligan... although such a machine sounds epic. 

How about a Kawasaki Z500?

However, what if this is a trick - what if a completely new capacity Z model is about to hit the streets? A supercharged Z500 could set the naked sportbike market on fire. 

This is what Kawasaki had to say: 

“Supercharged Breaking News: More major Kawasaki news will be arriving soon - Feel the Force!”

Not much to go off, so until we get more news we’ll just have to patiently wait and speculate. 

Which new Kawasaki motorcycle do you think will be supercharged? 

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