2020 Honda Africa Twin teased in new image ahead of October reveal

The revised 2020 Honda Africa Twin adventure motorcycle has been teased on YouTube with the tagline ‘True Adventure is calling’

Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

The new 2020 Honda Africa Twin has been teased on the Honda Motorcycles Europe YouTube channel.

The video comes a couple of months after we saw link shared on social media asking potential customers to register their interest in the new model using the same ‘True Adventure’s calling’ tagline. The clip that accompanied the post just showed a theoretical motorcycle riding across a desert landscape leaving a rooster tail in its wake.

This clip is much more detailed and actually us some of the bike’s front end for the first time. What we can see are some rather complex multi-section LED headlights with halos (probably DRLs) running around the outside of them. The video also shows us some LED indicators and crash bar mounted fog-lights also.

What is more interesting about this clip is nothing to do with the bike’s details though, and more to do with the logo (or logos) used at the end of the clip.

What can we expect from the 2020 Honda Africa Twin?

The Africa Twin logo includes an outline of the continent Africa, which then splits in two, leaving one image on one side of the screen without the outline, and another on the opposite side with the outline. Could this possibly be the first official sign that the Africa Twin bloodline is about to split, with a larger and smaller capacity joining the range?

Whatever the answer, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out. We’ll be keeping them peeled for further activity on the 23rd September when more information will be made public, we’ll bring you any updates as we have them.

The post on YouTube has a paragraph accompanying the video which reads:

'Many are called, few are chosen. True Adventure is calling you! Get ready to ride your own path as you answer the call of the wild. As you leave the ordinary behind to tame the great unknown. Africa Twin Honda'

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