Kawasaki brings traction control to 2023 Z650 and Ninja 650

Kawasaki has unveiled the 2023 Ninja 650 sports bike and Z650 naked, complete with new colours, full LED lighting and the KTRC electronics package.

2023 Kawasaki Ninja 650

Kawasaki has shown its 2023 Z650 and Ninja 650 for the first time, with visual and technical updates on both bikes. 

As with many of its other bikes for 2023, Kawasaki is introducing new colours to its Z650 and Ninja 650

The Z650 will be available in “Metallic Matte Grey/Ebony Black”, “Metallic Phantom Silver/Metallic Carbon Grey”, and “Black Metallic Spark/Black Metallic Flat Spark” according to the Kawasaki France website.

On the other hand, the Ninja 650 will be available in “Lime Green/Ebony Black” and “Metallic Matte Grey/Ebony Black”. 

Both bikes maintain the same steel tubular frame as before, and the performance is much the same as previous years.

However, for 2023 Kawasaki’s Ninja and Z650 will be available with KTRC, Kawasaki’s traction control system, for the first time. 

The system is able to be turned off, of course, but its inclusion in Kawasaki’s top-end A2-eligible bikes is a good step for their accessibility and safety. The step up from a Z400 to a Z650, for example, might be more approachable now with the electronic aids. At the same time, for those with more experience and confidence the system can be dialled back for a freer, more fulfilling riding experience. 

In addition to the KTRC electronics, Kawasaki has fully integrated the Z650 and Ninja 650 with LED lighting for 2023, including the indicators, which should be a step up for the bikes’ visibility in low light conditions. 

Both bikes have their prices dependent on colour choice, but the Z650 starts from €7,799 (around £6,750 at time of writing), and the Ninja 650 from €8,399 (around £7,250 at time of writing). 

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