Is the Honda Hawk 11 about to spread its wings

Honda Hawk 11 patent filing has people wondering if the model is about to take off in other regions


THE Honda Hawk 11 was one of those headline-grabbing bikes when launched, with many within the motorcycle media lauding the Japanese brand for releasing such a contemporary machine.

That adulation quickly turned to frustration though, when regional Honda PR managers were quick to point out that this bird had had its wings well and truly clipped. The Honda Hawk 11 looked to be one of those annoying models that would stay in Japan.

While there is still no confirmation that the bike is leaving Japan, a patent filing posted in India has got a lot of tongues wagging this week, as the bike is showing in a filing dated the 9th of December 2022.

While the filing doesn’t go into much/any detail about the bike, we can clearly see it as the Africa Twin-derived machine, complete with svelte fairing, sporty alloy wheels and an engaging riding position.

Is the Honda Hawk 11 really about to leave Japan?

While many are pointing to the filing as a clue that the bike is about to land in new roosts, the truth might be a less exciting prospect. For one thing, the filing clearly denotes the bike’s country as Japan, and that leads us to believe that this is Honda simply protecting its intellectual assets in another region.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) writes that ‘Patents are territorial rights. In general, the exclusive rights are only applicable in the country or region in which a patent has been filed and granted.' This filing is likely to bolster Honda’s protection of the model, and prevent any other brands from mimicking the theme.

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