Introducing the Suzuki Hayabusa in white for 2022!

The legendary hyperbike now comes in pearl brilliant white with chrome trim and metallic matt stellar blue accents. Is this the Suzuki Hayabusa for you?

Suzuki Hayabusa 2022 new white colour way

Adding to the wardrobe for 2022 is a new colourway choice for the Suzuki Hayabusa - now coming in pearl brilliant white with metallic matt steller blue accents and chrome trim. 

This new colour choice adds to the existing black & orange, and matt silver & red colour versions from the launch earlier this year. 

Available in dealers now (in all three colour options) priced at £16,449, the latest Hayabusa range is the third generation of iconic hyperbike, outfitted with Suzuki’s most advanced suite of electronics ever. 

That suite of gadgetry includes 10 lean angle-sensitive traction control modes, lean angle-sensitive ABS, three power modes, a bi-directional quickshifter, cruise control and speed limiter, and three stages of launch control - all controlled through the full-colour TFT display navigated with switchgear. 

All that wizardry and the ‘Busa still pays homage to its roots. Sharper and angular bodywork is immediately recognisable as the iconic bike of old, with heavy design cues taken from the original - even space for two analogue dials up front in the cockpit. 

New 2022 guise for the Suzuki Hayabusa

Heavily re-designed for 2021, the engine includes new pistons, conrods, crankshaft and camshaft, specifically aimed at producing enhanced performance in the lower to mid rev ranges, making it the fastest-launching Hayabusa yet, with more cumulative torque for the rider to access. 

We reviewed the 2021 Hayabusa earlier this year on the launch and found the engine to be a peach, the handling which defies all logic for a bike of this size, and the front fairing which does everything you’d ever want. 

Find out more in the review, and contact your local Suzuki dealer if your head has been turned by this white option.

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