Intermot: Generic GRS600

Could this be the Benelli Quattro engine mated to a Generic frame

GENERIC are establishing a name for themselves in the smaller capacity market but this 600cc naked, te GRS600, shows they have big-bike aspirations.

Featuring a four-cylinder 600cc engine made by - Chinese owned - Benelli, the engine could be the remnants of Benelli's 'Quattro' project which was rumoured to be on display at EICMA motorcycle show in Italy in 2010, alas, it never saw the light of day.

The GRS600 puts out a modest 60bhp but has a 21-litre tank and a six-speed gearbox, meaning it could be a great economic commuter. Priced at 5,499 Euros, it certainly stacks up against the current crop of 600cc nakeds.

We can't help but think the 'Generic' name is the result of an unfortunate mix-up at a London marketing agency. Either that or the English sense of irony is spreading overseas.