Intermot: 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa gets ABS

It's not the 1500cc you may have been expecting...

ONLOOKERS at Suzuki's new model presentation at Intermot could have been forgiven for thinking there was going to be a new Hayabusa. Cue excited giggling journalists.

After a good amount of hype: a presentation showing the original Hayabusa: reminding us that it is, infact, a legend, followed by a swirly video with lots of fast thrown in, it turns out the Hayabusa remains largely unchanged.

Not even a capacity hike for the nearly 14-year old speed icon.

What Suzuki have done is beefed up the braking and security by way of Brembo monobloc brakes and ABS - two areas we thought needed improving on when we reviewed this year Hayabusa model.

Suzuki, never shy of celebrating an anniversary, might treat us to that traction-controlled, 1500cc, directly-damped Hayabusa at next year's show, with a view to releasing it in 2014 for the Hayabusa's 15th birthday. You heard it here first, perhaps.

Expect the new ABS and Brembo-equipped Hayabusa to cost £500 more than the current model.

You will be able to see this bike at the NEC Motorcycle Live from 24th November to 2nd December.