Indian Chief Dark Horse unveiled

Blacked-out 2016 model makes official debut in Chicago

INDIAN has just released these first official pictures of its new Chief Dark Horse.

As Visordown predicted, it's a blacked-out edition of the Chief Classic, given matt black paint and a single seat. Where the Chief Classic is swathed with chrome, the Dark Horse has black forks, handlebar, headlamp unit, wheels and tank-mounted speedometer housing.

We brought you a leaked picture of the 2016 model on Monday, ahead of its official unveiling tonight in Chicago.

Indian said in a press release: 'Blacked-out from end to end, the Dark Horse does not lack features. Powered by the highly rated Thunder Stroke 111 engine and wrapped in the same chassis and suspension of the Indian Chief Classic, the Dark Horse also maintains ABS, a remote key fob for keyless ignition, electronic cruise control, and features a promotional* 5-year unlimited mileage warranty.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse is an ideal motorcycle for those seeking to customize their rides. With 40 available accessories rolling out during the spring and early summer, riders can add components to black-out their ride even more. Items such as ape hanger handlebars, accessory air cleaners, fender struts, slip-on exhaust with black heat shields and exhaust tips, and black fender trim help create the fully blacked-out look.

Built to be an aggressive solo ride, the passenger seat plus either passenger foot-pegs or floor boards are available as part of the Genuine Indian Motorcycle Accessory line-up for those who want to ride two-up.

“The Indian Chief Dark Horse is unlike anything else currently available from Indian Motorcycle,” said Indian Motorcycle Sr. Product Manager, Ben Lindaman. “While it shares the best traits with other models in the Chief platform, its signature matte black paint and minimalist profile give it an attitude unlike any other Indian motorcycle. We’re excited to unveil this new bike at an engaging price point for a full-size heavyweight American cruiser.”'

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