If all electric motorcycles looked like this, would you buy one?

The Fuller Moto 2029 is possibly the coolest electric motorcycle you’ve ever seen!

Fuller 3d printed motorcycle 02.jpg

THE Fuller Moto 2029 is the brainchild of Bryan Fuller and his team of mechanical engineers from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA and we can’t take our eyes off it!

The thing is, the Fuller 2029 is a custom bike with a bit of a catch – it’s powered by an electric motor lifted from a Zero FXS Supermoto machine.

Lurking beneath the svelte body panels of the polished bike is the motor, batteries and speed controller from Zero’s 44bhp (and slightly bonkers) electric Supermoto machine. As with all electric bikes, the bhp is one thing, but the torque is where the fun really is, with the Zero motor producing 78ft-lb of torque from zero rpm.

Another cool feature of the Fuller is the extensive use of 3d printing technology the team have used to help create the machine’s profile. And it’s no cheap and cheerful plastic used in the creation, it’s lightweight and super-strong titanium. Both the front and rear swingarms are created out of titanium, along with twist-grips, and hubs for the floating, Perspex wheels.

the 2029 comes with a fully enclosed sculptured aluminum body designed to look very similar to the 1929 Majestic. its stark silver appearance is complemented by a tinted blue hue, which is sprayed inside parts of the bike’s body. unlike most bikes which have a traditional front fork setup, the 2029 has hub centric steering coming off of a front swing-arm. hub-centric steering is very unusual and has only been used in a few bikes such as the Bimota, Ner-a-car and of course the 1929 majestic.

‘we know we are doing something that has never been done before,’ says Bobby Haas, collector and owner of the haas moto museum and sculpture gallery. ‘there is no actual blueprint. we are not doing a production cycle. we are doing a piece of work that is rolling art. it is unique.’