Is this Honda's 1,000cc scooter?

Could this be Honda's 'New Large'?

BEFORE the launch of the Integra scooter last year we showed you these designs – patented by Honda and clearly based on the same idea as the New Mid concept that led to the Integra.

Originally, we thought they might represent the production version of the New Mid concept bike, but it turned out the real Integra was a perfect facsimile of the New Mid, lacking the aggression of these drawings. Now Honda has announced it is to launch a new large bike as a follow-on to the New Mid (if the 700cc Integra is “mid” we're guessing “large” must be 1000cc or so) – so could the drawings actually be representative of that bike instead?

The designer is Hiroaki Tsukui, who was also responsible for the New Mid/Integra along with an illustrious list of past achievements including the VTR1000, SP-1, the first and second generation FireBlades and the CBR600RR.

Compared with the over-stylised scribble that Honda showed at the time of the 'New Large' announcement, there are (vague) similarities between it and this design's front end, as well as a similar shape for the stepped seat unit.