Honda set to discontinue CB 400s, announce Final Edition Super Four and Bol d'Or

Honda looks set to discontinue the CB 400 Super Four and Bol d’Or models, as a Final Edition has been announced for release in Japan. 

Honda CB 400SF. - Honda/Motorrad

THE Bol d’Or is coming to an end. No, not the legendary French endurance race, but rather a legendary motorcycle from Honda: the CB 400 Bol d’Or. 

The Super Four version of the CB 400 will also seemingly be coming to the end of its time shortly. 

This is because both the Bol d’Or and Super Four versions of the CB 400 will be getting a Final Edition from Honda later this year, Motorrad reports.

They are only available now in Japan thanks to slightly different emissions regulations in Honda’s home nation, the discontinuation of the CB 400 means the end to the life of one of few remaining true modern classics. Sure, there are new neo retros released all the time, but none have the same kind of history of the 40-year-old CB 400.

CB 400s have been around in Honda’s roster since the early 1980s, and the Super Four debuted in 1992, so it is hard to overestimate the importance of the era that Honda is seemingly about to bring to a close. 

It is currently unclear what Honda will bring to the CB 400s, either technically or aesthetically, for the Final Editions, but it is clear that the CB 1300, that will remain in Japan as it has done since 1998, will be the last of a breed from Honda, or even from the motorcycle industry. 

There is no end date currently for the CB 1300, but after the withdrawal by Honda of the CB 1100, it has become the final stand for the large capacity classic sports bike. 

Images courtesy of Motorrad/Honda.