Honda RC213V-S priced at £112,000

Japanese newspaper report adds that V4 powered road bike will go on sale this year

HONDA’S RC213V-S V4 road bike will be priced at 20 million yen (£112,000), according to a Japanese newspaper report.

The Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s second largest daily newspaper, reported that the MotoGP replica has similar specs and uses a number of the same mechanical components as the championship-winning RC213V.

It added that production is scheduled to take place at the Honda plant in Ozu, Japan, where it will be built in time to go on sale this year.

A prototype of the 1000cc V4-powered road bike was ridden onto a stage at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan for its debut by world champion Marc Marquez, who joked: ‘This is my road bike, made just for me.’

Honda said in a press release: 'Developed by Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) and Honda Motor, the RC213V-S is a road going prototype of the awesome Championship winning MotoGP RC213V machine. Inspired by, and developed with input from many legendary GP riders, the RC213V-S Prototype is set to be the ultimate road going motorcycle.

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