Honda Crosstourer: MF's first thoughts

A few musings from Dr Mark S. Forsyth

WE sent Mark Forsyth to ride the new Honda Crosstourer out in Spain. He rode the bike today but a tight schedule sees him straight from the launch to the airport.

He called us and had this to say:

"Just got back from a day's blast on Honda's new Crosstourer. Didn't really know what to expect but having just drained a full tank of fuel, it's pretty obvious that the Honda R&D team have been riding BMW's GS and Ducati's Multistrada.

"It's a cracking road bike - supremely lush, surprisingly fast and as punchy low down as a V or flat twin but with much more up top. The new DCT (phase 2) is incredible too. There's a bloke asking me for my boarding pass, I'll post the full review tomorrow."

UPDATE: Read the full Honda Crosstourer review here.