Honda City Adventure to be called ‘ADV’

Trademarked name seems to confirm 2017 production rumours

THERE'S little doubt now that Honda’s City Adventure concept bike – weird though it might be – is set to go into production and it looks like it will go under the name ‘ADV.’

Underneath the unusual commuter-scooter-adventure mash-up styling lie the oily bits from Honda’s NC750 range, including the DCT transmission and 745cc, 54bhp parallel twin engine, so the actual job of converting the concept to a production bike isn’t as tricky as it might seem. The NC underpinnings already form the basis of a scooter (the Integra) and an adventure bike (the NC750X) so combining the two isn’t as big a leap as it might appear.

It’s notable that while the Milan show concept was referred to as the City Adventure, its badges all read ‘ADV’ – including logos on the tank, sides, instruments and the number plate. Now Honda has filed a trademark application in Europe for that name, for use on motorcycles. Provided it is granted the trademark, it’s natural to assume that the City Adventure concept will mutate into an ADV production bike, just as the True Adventure concept turned into the Africa Twin and the New Mid concept became the Integra.

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