Honda CB1100RS and CB1100EX review - first thoughts

Visordown has just spent a couple of hours riding Honda's updated CB1100RS and CB1100RX at the launch in Spain

SIMON Hargreaves is in Spain on the launch of five (yes five) new Hondas: The CB1100 RS and EX, Rebel, CBR650F and CB650F.

He’s just spent the first couple of hours of the day riding the revamped CB1100s.

Here are his first impressions, filed from the coffee stop: ‘The EX version is the standard chrome roadster, while the RS version [pictured above] has sportier brakes, suspension and riding position.

‘Updates to both models over the old bike include a larger fuel tank, new Showa suspension, LED lights, slipper-clutch and other detail cosmetics.

‘First impressions are that the things that made the CB1100 good are still good - the off-beat motor (literally, with different cam timing between cylinders giving the engine a slightly gruffty exhaust noise; it sounds a bit like a misfire, but in a good way) is a big, smooth, boomy air-cooled thing that grunts from 1000rpm and pulls cleanly through the new six-speed transmission.

‘Mid-range beef isn't overwhelming - top gear overtakes need a shift down; it's only 88hp after all.

‘Handling is solid; the RS is slightly quicker steering and more responsive, the brakes are sharper and the riding position a bit more front end biased (with flatter bars).

‘Ride quality is good, and in dodgy conditions it's easy to sling both bikes around with confidence - enough to find the limits of ground clearance. More riding to do, hope the weather improves for a bit more action.’ 

Prices are £10,765 for the EX and £11,139 for the up-spec RS.

The CB1100EX


Stupid money for what the reviewer says is basically barely a step up from an 1100 Zephyr.You'll get a mint 1200 Bandit for less than 3 grand that will still have several years in it and is bordering on classic status already.I'd want something special for this kind of money,not "nice".

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