Honda Africa Twin being updated for 2017

Source at Honda says the CRF1000L will receive minor changes

THE HONDA CRF1000L Africa Twin will receive a round of minor updates for 2017, according to a source at Honda.

We’ve been told that the Africa Twin will receive a ‘facelift’ that will entail some cosmetic changes and new stainless steel wheel spokes, which we’ve been told are being introduced because some owners are reporting corrosion and problems keeping them clean.

We have also been told that 2017-model Africa Twin may also come with cruise control as standard.

This information hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but, but with the Intermot bike show taking place in two weeks, we should find out more at the start of October.

Check out our Africa Twin review video below.


fluke's picture

So the best bike ever made that is winning every group test in every magazine because it is perfect requires updates after its first model year. LOL, as I said previously Emporers new clothes syndrome.

The minor changes are in the cosmetics department mostly. Apart from the rims that need to be changed because of some corrosion issues which is mostly attributed to their plant being affected by the earthquake repairs and half of it being shut down until August.
They are adding features, not replacing the bike. Every manufacturer updates their products visually on a yearly basis.

fluke's picture

Sorry, but you are wrong. Not many manufacturers carry out yearly updates, they usual run for at least 2 or 3 years to recoup investment costs. Also the spokes are now being made from Stainless because the previous versions were monkey metal to keep costs down - nothing to do with earthquakes

Stainless spokes, useful but tubed rims useless for serious road use.

@domster I disagree, never had any issues running tubes on road.

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