Honda’s Bulldog concept headed for production

Curiously-styled ‘lovable touring partner’ is not just a concept

HONDA’S boldly-styled Bulldog concept is going to become a production model, a dealer source has told Visordown.

Looking a bit like a grown-up version of Honda’s Zoomer scooter, the Bulldog uses the chassis and parallel-twin engine from a CB400F, the smaller Japanese-market version of our CB500F.

It was shown as a concept at Japan’s Osaka Motorcycle Show in March, where Honda gave it the curious title of ‘Lovable Touring Partner’.

Our source said: ‘They’re actually making it. It should do well for us.’  

With two carrier racks and storage compartments on either side of the tank, and 15-inch wheels for a low seat height, it could make a sort of novice-friendly alternative for would-be adventurers worried about dropping a GS.   

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