Harley-Davidson X 350 launches in China

The much-anticipated Harley-Davidson X 350 has been launched in China. Priced just under £4,000, it is not yet clear when it will arrive in the UK.

Harley-X350 mid-capacity motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson X 350 has been revealed in China by QJ Motor, as the bike’s origin is finally confirmed.

Revealed on the Harley-Davidson website for China, the reveal of the X 350 confirms that the bike’s origin lies with QJ Motor, who also supply the engine. It is a liquid-cooled, in-line-twin-cylinder, 353cc unit, producing 27kW (36 horsepower) and 31Nm.

The engine burns fuel at a rate of 4.95 litres per 100km (62 miles), meaning its 13.5-litre fuel tank will empty in 273km, or 170 miles.

Wet, the Harley-Davidson X 350 weighs 195kg, with that weight supported by 41mm rebound-adjustable inverted forks at the front, and a rebound- and preload-adjustable shock at the back. To stop, the bike calls on a single floating front brake disc with a four-piston calliper, while at the back there is a single-piston calliper operating on a single, fixed disc.

The tyres come from Pirelli; specifically the bike uses Pirelli Angel ST tyres with a 120/70-ZR17/58W at the front, and a 160/60-ZR17/69W at the rear.

Visually, the bike takes inspiration from Harley-Davidson’s flat-tracking past, and particularly the XR750. However, the reality is that it appears as a kind of flat-track-naked-cruiser crossover. On one hand, you could say that this is polarising, on the other you can say that any subjective matter, such as aesthetics, is a polarising one.

In terms of price, nothing is yet confirmed outside of China, where it costs just under $4,300, or just under £4,000. Additionally, when the motorcycle will arrive in markets outside of China also remains unclear, including for Western markets, such the UK and Europe, and the US.

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